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Sandy Gaston

Hi all of you wonderful Pronghorns,

Here are a few events that you need to put on your calendar & get prepared to respond back to me.

July 10th- D2D at Johnny Rockets in Cliff Castle Casino 4:00.  As always, I need to know how many are coming to Johnny Rockets.

July 19th- our Pizza/ice cream social, at The Levy’s, 3:00 BYOD. We will provide the water. If you want anything else to drink, bring your own. We will start off with pizza. For those who are brave enough to stay & socialize, we will have ice cream. More info to follow.  We will be providing the eats on the 19th. I need to know how much ice cream to get & how many pizzas to pick up. So it is vital to let me know if you are coming for ice cream AND staying for pizza. So be a sweetie & RSVP.

Our own Clyde has had surgery. The surgery went well. He is home recovering. Let’s send good thoughts & prayers his way for a speedy recovery. I know he is missing riding.

If anyone has an idea of a ride, please let me know.


Sandy Chapter Director Ch-P


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