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This guide explains how motorcycle drivers can stay as safe as possible on the road with tips on finding the right motorcycle that suits their needs, wearing appropriate safety equipment, and the latest motorcycle safety features to look out for:

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Safety

Team Riding Responsibilities - NEW


The preparation should start before you leave home.  Preparing your self is very important.  Check the weather to determine what riding gear you will need and in Arizona always carry water.  Perform a pre-ride check on your motorcycle and use the T-CLOCK checklist as a reminder of important components to check. Arrive at the start of the ride with a full tank of gas unless the ride starts at gas station.  Even then, you may want to leave home with a full tank. 


The ride organizer will determine the place and time for the riders meeting.  At the meeting you should receive the route, itinerary, fuel, meal and rest stops.  If this is an overnight ride, the lodging should have been given out prior to the ride to make reservations.   During the meeting, hand signals should be reviewed so the you can communicate with the other riders.  Most of the riders do not have a CB.


Ride in a staggered formation with 3 to 5 riders in a group.  The riders should be two seconds to the rear of the rider on the same side of the lane.  When riding through a twisting mountain road, single file is the safest way to ride.   Each group should have a leader and a sweep.  The groups should be about a minute apart. 


You can pass or change lanes as a group, but remember just because the leader has changed lanes, you still have to check traffic before making the lane change.


Notify the leader of the ride and your group leader that you will be leaving the group before the start of the ride and give them the place you will be leaving.


If a rider should have a breakdown (Gold Wings don’t break down) the riders in front of the rider should continue to a safe location where they can stop and the riders following the stopped rider should stop to render any assistance needed.  Too many motorcycles stopped at the location can cause a hazard.


A pre-planned procedure should have been covered at the riders meeting on how to catch up with the group.  This is very important if you are going through an area with a number of traffic signals.  Do not try to run a red light to keep up with the group.

Proper prior planning for a ride makes the ride a lot more enjoyable and safer.

Gary Bowers, Chapter Educator
(661) 435-6526

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