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Dick Studdard

Ageing and Riding a Motorcycle

I recently took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Experienced Rider Course (ERC).  In the past I have not only taken an ERC, I have instructed the course.  I have been riding motorcycles for almost five decades and have over twenty-one years riding as a motor cop.  I have over one million, three hundred thousand miles on motorcycles.  This ERC was an eye opener for me.  It showed me what my age can do to impact my riding skills.  I will be seventy-one years old in July and my age is catching up with me.  The question I have to ask myself is “what am I going to do to continue riding my gold Wing and be safe”.  I am not ready to give up riding my Gold Wing.

Riding a motorcycle is 90% mental.  I will continue to practice my riding skill by going to an empty parking lot and practicing braking, swerving, turning my head through turns and looking where I want to go.  If I am not feeling 100%, I don’t ride my Gold Wing that day. 

I know my reaction time is not what is was when I was younger, so I take that into consideration while riding.  I have slowed down and don’t take the curves as fast as I did in the past.  I also make more stops and that has made my riding more enjoyable. 

Maintaining my Gold Wing is always been very important in keeping me safe while riding.  Every time I go on a ride I perform the T-CLOCS inspection on the Wing.  An example how I maintain my Wing, I replace the tires when the tread is down to 3/32.  The wear bars on Dunlap tires are a 2/23 and that is when it is recommended that the tires be replaced. 

My grandfather stated to me a long time ago, “You don’t get old and give up fun things, you get old by giving up the fun things”.

Keep the rubber side down and ride safe.

Dick Studdard, AZ-P Chapter Educator

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